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in touch with the who tell me it's not your group it's a google international flood the chief every green little chill in. syria's president bashar al assad believed to be unrest in his country has been triggered from. increasing international calls to end the violence. scores of occupy protesters arrested across the u.s. in confrontations with police as foul tests that is terminations to keep the corporate flight alive. and a cool drama of colossal proportions moguls course. through the fortunes of a lawsuit worth billions of dollars. and
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very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow with me. the syrian president has questioned the true nature of the opposition forces trying to bring his regime to its knees in an interview with a russian t.v. channel. claims the campaign is being funded from. more details now with us in our crossfire. good to see you so president assad he's made his position clear. to fight to stay on. yes certainly strong words coming from syrian president bashar al assad to the conflict this country is then going on for seven almost eight months now and in that interview to be a russian channel he had also said that any attempts to would destabilize the country could lead to what he called an earthquake that would not just have implications in the region but also global implications he said that it's natural for a state a small state that is like syria to fight back at the greater rate at the syria is
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certainly not libya and also as you mentioned earlier he did voice out his thoughts what he has government believe is the real cause behind the uprising in this country let's listen and. today we have hundreds of soldiers police and security forces among the dead how were they killed during peaceful demonstrations ok because some slogans being chanted no they were shot and this means we're dealing with people we don't know whether the weapons reach syria from israel or any other state that possesses such weapons but there is evidence of millions and grenades that were put in place is packed with civilians this led to casualties in a number of cases the information obtained during the latest interrogation of terrorists. into syria from neighboring states become painless funded from abroad and we have a list of those who are responsible for this. we've seen months of unrest in syria talk to us about what's being done to actually help resolve this ongoing crisis.
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both since the uprising started in march of this year the government has tried to put forth some reforms and the president has said that the other planning problem entry elections in february of next year and also they put forth this so-called multi-party law which allows other political parties outside of the ruling baath party to participate now in parallel to that though those reforms that the government was equipped for their protests of course continue according to the u.n. about three thousand or more than three thousand people have already been killed since march and we were i was in the libyan syria was about two weeks ago talking to those protesters who are continuing to go out into the streets the government again maintaining that these are the armed forces inflicting the violence but the protesters saying in fact they have by and large been peaceful and that it is the security forces firing upon them and it is true that some of them are calling for this no fly zone to to end the violence at the sea however it has to be said that there are opposition voices such as the national coordinator council was shot tries to bring together the different forces in syria they're saying that while they're
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very critical of the reforms they've put forth by the government saying it's not enough they're also wary of calling or forcing a so-called no fly zone because they do see that this could just result in more bloodshed they don't want to see that in their country now the arab league of course has been actively trying to find a solution as well trying to us meet with syrian officials they put forth a plan to president assad he said that he will be a willing to talk to all of the opposition voices including those formed during the conflict however these are words for now they want to see actual go shushan table and that's not to say that i mean they're the external pressure is increasing that even if there's a lot of hesitation to any form of foreign intervention our words coming from the western leaders as well as china and russia who as you know had vetoed that u.n. resolution calling for sanctions on syria all of them are calling for a for a dialogue for real results to see that the violence can really stop and that's really the main focus right now of the pressure coming from the outside they just.
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if i would stop i certainly think that there is a lot of international outside pressure coming down on that regime and that's also where they live from the outside the minister of foreign affairs right here. protesters from the occupy wall street movement face new challenges unseasonably bad weather hits the east coast alongside a sweeping police crackdown now they'll be up against plummeting temperatures snow and strong winds but he's made a fortnight now has the latest from new york. hinderance internationale of new york city's occupy wall street activist was tested this weekend as a blast of usual winter weather moved through the big apple the campground skin zuccotti park was hit with snow heavy rains and winds blowing up to sixty miles per hour now hundreds of protesters braved the freezing temperatures huddled inside their own personal ten or under tarps that were put up over parts of
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sukiyaki park now just one day before this winter weather came in city firefighters easily six generators and dozens of cans of gas from the occupy activists in zuccotti park those generators were presumably being used to generate heat as many do that this cold weather was coming up for the weekend the city officials say the generators finally fire and would have sparked a fire in the meantime occupy after this hard right me to take legal action if their generators and their property will not be returned demand that the city give them their property babb occupy activists are accusing new york city mayor michael bloomberg of attempting to end the occupation by creating a public health risk for these protestors that value to remain down in zuccotti park in lower manhattan throughout the winter the upcoming winter season now
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meanwhile in denver a local weekend police moved into an occupy encampment arresting demonstrators who allegedly ignored orders to leave the arrest came hours after a standoff between activists and authorities near the steps of the colorado how the clash that erupted resulted in cops reportedly using pepper six pepper spray and rubber bullets against protesters twenty people people were reportedly arrested in what's being described as an ongoing police mock town. on against american uprising meanwhile the rocky horror veteran who was critically injured by police during wednesday's occupy oakland demonstration is making minor improvements dr sadists olsen's condition has been upgraded to fair although he remains in intensive care the twenty four year old supper minor brain damage after being hit by a police projectile scott olsen was among the many iraqi war veterans taking part in the occupy oakland demonstrations that ended with police firing tear gas and
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rubber bullets at crowds of people at least ninety seven people were arrested get many state banks that event growing or even more sympathy and more support for the occupy wall street movement that began here in new york city reporting from new york great important i am. it's been a week of arrests and clashes between protesters and police on sunday over one hundred people were held across the country as authorities for structure of a start of the makeshift camps but also a producer coming off has been following the protests since they began some six weeks ago she tweets as you can see right here that the police have raided the income from of the occupy wall street protesters in richmond virginia around ten arrested but you can follow her twitter page up for the latest information. for you without a lot from moscow's could have you with us today are still ahead for you this hour
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here while an ex israeli soldier has been in prison for leaking secret military data we look at why this classified information is being ignored by investigators. still a long way from science fiction becoming. home on the surface of mars but we are allowed to dream you know a few moments here on r.t. we test the waters and what our chances are one day going to the. feuding russian billionaires roman abramovich and boris berezovsky are taking about also a u.k. court he claims that the robbed him of billions of dollars something the chelsea owner denies he just pressured to speak at a high court hearing on monday. bennett reports on what promises to be the most expensive lawsuit in history. this will be the first time or manob remove it from mr a is the body guards are calling him opens his mouth in this hearing up until
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now he's kept the resolute silence in stark contrast to his rival mr b. . whose appearances in the witness box have been loud brash and passionate after all there's a lot at stake here he's suing me say the three point five billion pounds breach of trust and breach of contract he says mr a intimidated him. into selling his shares in sydney the oil company for a fraction of their true value the hearings trying to establish the finer details of those deals that went on but it appears none of that was actually put into writing after all it was ninety's russia it's not so much what's inside the court that's caught the attention here it's the extravagant operators around these two men they show up to court and so many my books and c.d.'s their flight by passed on to raj is at least fifteen people each inside the court room which is massive it's divided into two warring factions each man is represented by three rows of lawyers
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legal age translators bodyguards each behind a computer screen outside the court room in a free corner is a big burly man with dark glasses an ear piece these are two the world's richest men although the rumor is that. sports is dwindling but to give you an idea of just how much money these men have for mr hayes legal fees are thought to be in the region of between four and eight million pounds now things are going to reporting an israeli court has jailed at former soldier for four and a half years for leaking classified military files to the press some of the documents suggest the military officials approved the killing of palestinians in the west bank however those claims are not being investigated and that undermines israeli law court into a legal expert sorry bush. in this case a whistle blower blew a loud and disturbing whistle the military is violating international law and the directive the israeli supreme court in carrying out assassinations in situations in
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which they are required to try to make an arrest and so the state attorney's office prosecuted the soldier but failed to seriously investigate the conduct revealed in those documents conduct with raises serious questions about rule of law in a democratic system that pattern of behavior of violating orders by the supreme court because of a supreme court said that that said you must try to arrest is part of a pattern of practice within the israeli system and it's something that's very disturbing because when the army does not obey the orders by the supreme court the supreme court is actually more reluctant to issue those orders because no court wants to issue orders that are going to be ignored and then of course you have a serious threat to the rule of law because in a democratic system the army is of course supposed to listen to what usually system tells and tells them to do. you would r.t. if you're looking for more in-depth stories in exclusive footage that we have to cover as it has to work online right now and also talk about radioactive emissions from a fukushima is crippled nuclear power plant maybe five times greater than all sorts
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of claims found out online why the evacuation zone and could stay uninhabited for quite some time to come. and a weeks after the failure of his predecessor the russian that progress spaceship successfully takes off for the i s s check out the dramatic footage at r.t. dot com but also on our child. is the. down the official policy of location and your own phone called touch from the top
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story. the. parties mine. are in a sense feed now in the palm of your. home . just on a quarter past the hour on this monday here in moscow now the eurozone may have he moved aside relief from the new deal reached to help greece but that doesn't mean that the crisis is over portugal reportedly wants to renegotiate the terms of the bailout it received earlier this year and it has also called on non european countries to help to save the eurozone and its artes are going to reports painful austerity cuts of it portuguese society high. no jobs no money no chance for the future these messages have been brought by teachers striking in portugal they can never have stability to be in the school. even if they are working for ten
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fifteen twenty years they are always earning the same and don't have a place in school a stable place one school it's a political choice of financial cuts in education or health social security that's a political choice in early complexity trolls. like legendary appliances political seems to be sliding deeper and deeper into the depths of economic apathy the thirty is a purely financial crisis is now turning into malevolent force which threatens to rock the portuguese their basic human rights earlier this year portugal got an emergency bailout from the e.u. to deal with this genscher in debt the third country to do so after greece and ireland but for some the seventy eight billion euro price tag is too high to pay for this charity cuts it goes well beyond the classroom and strikes at some of portuguese society's fundamental principles like access to justice. the government
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isn't paying lawyers who provide free public services so there are some who have been doing it for years for free but the courts cannot be reduced to canonical entities to solve problems of large corporations they must play the role of providing legal services to citizens and promoting social place. and this is cutting corners in education and the legal system is not enough a government spends years are hitting the portuguese where it hurts the most in their health care the government what is your capacity. every year the government might have to make both a year that will be a lot of people. more because we know that at the same time we've got. even. you know. and it's more pain no gain is to reduce feeling to stop portugal's economy plummeting with the poor
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illiterate clawing prime minister has said that he wants to keep the lower income families away from the cuts not really sure that's possible portugal now has a really big budget problem for school needs money and it needs it now so they are going to have to cut time services slashed taxes hiked but portugal's forced to have a worst three should increase that's enough for the people trying to survive years to midi probably disaster is already here. let's. talk about the business news is about a five minutes away here on r.g.p. for now the front runner in it could have stands a presidential election. looks set to take the country's top job with almost all ballots counted who's leading the polls with over sixty percent of the vote the current interim president of a central asian nation of rows of them by a vote will step down later this year to make way for the winner of the vote is seen as both a democratic milestone and
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a vital chance to bring stability to the country former president was ousted last april as a result of bloody uprisings in the capital bishkek one thousand red led to massive ethnic clashes in the south that killed over four hundred people. well at a time now for the world update here on our two some of the headlines from around the world for you this hour nato is winding up its mission over libya today after the u.n. security council voted last week to remove the country's no fly zone and the coalition's campaign libya's interim leadership will assume responsibility for national security at midnight and try to restore order in a country flooded with weapons by nato which has been operating in the country since march has been accused of breaching the terms of the un resolution its initial goal was to protect civilians but some air strikes are thought to have hit military targets claiming innocent. a suicide bombing in the southern afghan city of kandahar has claimed at least four lives police say that
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a truck laden with explosives was detonated near a u.n. aid agency checkpoint killing three guards five other people were wounded in the attack and in the ensuing gunfight between insurgents and afghan security forces the taliban have claimed responsibility for the. following another powerful deluge of parts of the thai capital bangkok waist high in water while the city's commercial sector remains mostly dry thailand's prime minister hopes to be able to drain a massive body of water that's built up around the capital out to sea before it seeps into the city center for now the residents are forced to wade through deep murky water as thai authorities struggle to keep electricity and water running by the worst floods to hit thailand in fifty years now killed more than three hundred seventy people and ultimately caused billions of dollars in. australia as a quantas airlines cleared the first flight out of sydney after operations resume
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worldwide following a court order that resolved the company's dispute with union members the tribunal put an end to a long running conflict between the airline and workers unions over plans to outsource some of the airlines services as a decision comes two days off the court has direct its grounded one hundred and two planes in twenty countries leaving thousands of passengers stranded it's. now october thirty first signals a landmark in history after our global population officially reached seven billion some scientists predict the earth will be severely overcrowded in just a few decades but with bitter consequences for the environment and economy it's a statistic that has inspired many to start looking far and wide for a new place to live so i think for now and gazes deep into the future. so when next to hot police too cold mars will do
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nicely as the population of earth passes the seven billion mark some of suggested the red planet as a replacement for our current. however these times of tightening purse strings the cost of going to mars could be a problem in the not so a one man expedition to mars and back would cost it is safe to say over three billion dollars repairing for these flights would cost about thirty or fifty times more than a two way ticket in other words we're talking about colossal expenses regardless of the price those who have been into space say the time is right for mankind to yet again boldly go where no one has gone before everybody realizes that it's time to reach out and explore the universe beyond low earth orbit we have for many years just for ten years at least we have been on the international space station in very close and we haven't been somewhere else or with people since the lunar landings
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were changed it back in one nine hundred seventy two there's no shortage of take years to be the first to set foot on mars and potential red planet trailblazers have started a training young surrogate still just a teenager but he's putting in the hard yards in the hope that he can help create a potential new home for humanity millions of kilometers away the mars i want to be the first to travel to mars and to other planets as well to the moons of jupiter saturn you can leave there in future we're still a long way from science fiction becoming science fact with even setting up home on the surface of mars even if we put a huge cost of a martian settlement to one side there are some serious hurdles to be overcome not least we have no idea if life existed there previously and if it did. whether whatever killed it off could be dangerous to us why should we even think about finding
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a new home. earth's resources are finite therefore we will eventually have to either restrain population and production growth risking losing both or we find a foothold on other planets no matter how much it cost us with the retirement of nasa space shuttle the only way for people to get into space at the minute is the russian soyuz rocket currently with the science available our chances of a global relocation anytime soon a pretty much zero however it took to weigh in central moscow the mars five hundred project is simulating the effects a mission to mars would have on a crew in search of a new home. but there is one obvious reason why the experiment has been so popular the world is still please provide reamers who dream of exciting projects that unite people international projects. is not on the buzz its terms we might have to learn to deal with the soaring global population but young surrogate will keep on training hard in the hope that he can do it for the dreamers. our take.
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right out here on r.t. . next. thanks rory a very warm welcome to the business program russia seems to be all set to join the world trade organization it's agreed a final report on its accession to russia's chief negotiator. sessions said there will were still a number of technical issues to resolve but those will be completed in a week and russia also has to finalize agreements with georgia which until last week was the only country to continue to oppose russia's accession whether it now looks likely both sides will agree to a proposal mediated by the swiss presidential aide of credit for a quote which says russia could draw in the w t o by december fifteenth. and the russian ruble has strengthened by over eight percent in the last month to around
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thirty two the dollar that's as investor risk appetite has seen a recovery falling into steps to tackle the debt crisis and let's say a side effect of the rally could be a turnaround in the capital flight from russia. there are more reasons to expect stronger rather than the weak ruble in the world prices are high russia is exhibiting plus of both the current account surplus is very high and the we have a substantial personal surplus overall i think there are no reasons to believe that even until the end of this year even after the one the google recently there is still spoiled for appreciation this year and furthermore i can say we've had from numbers how close a couple from russia thus far in two thousand and eleven. there are reasons to believe it could be celebrate or even a little worse still in capital flows could take place if that happens even more
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reasons to expect we will shrink. puts brings us to the markets oil prices are heading low on monday europe's move last week to restore christmas debt crisis sparked a rally on global trading floors but not traders the training that tension two week extension of the global economy some market watchers expect a jump in crude prices to push gasoline prices higher and undermine demand. and european markets lower profile you could see on the techs and losing more than one percent this hour mining stocks are under brush after metal prices dropped and britain's second biggest bank barclays said its that quarter profit increased by five percent beating estimates and shares have slipped into red this hours after seeing their rally earlier this morning. on the russian markets are declining as crude oil and metals pull hurting the outlook for companies in the world's biggest energy exporter let's have a look at some of the individual share moves on the mice it's russia's biggest
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world company will soon after is more than two percent in the red they're going to is losing one point two percent bucking the trend as well carly up under two percent on the news it's considering a premium listing on the london stock exchange. so many of russia's sitters look the same as they did twenty years ago although with more advertising billboards all the while all the emerging nations are investing heavily in making this is startling and attractive ben hours from business news europe believes that trying to catch on here there's a boom a quiet assignment to infrastructure spending in two thousand and eight the kremlin dollars to one trillion dollar investment program to upgrade russia's infrastructure to modernize its parents a place where it is missing and throughout the crisis russia's been spread. hundred billion dollars a year on the roads. all those things are missing and it's not visible because it's
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all going into things like transport and this is going to drive growth up in a good infrastructure is what underpins economic growth and because of all the spending habits is going to continue. for the russian economy is good because so little if things are right it's got to. internet group may a little dorrit here is launching a new microblog service a russian competitor to twitter twitter is increasing its audience twenty five times faster than the most part of the board service in russia live journal the sky bright prospect suddenly sworn that it's difficult to make money on microblog seven twitter posting losses so. let's explore no europe today joining me unless someone else for another business update for you.
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to those who are fascinated with history. to those who have a sweet to go. to those who can't live without the sky. and of course to the nature lovers this magnificent land offers its treasures. mushkin. between earth and the sky. on r.g.p. .


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